Amy Williams Trujillo, DDS
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Thank You!

Hello, I just wanted to send you all a note saying how great my crown came out. The fit is perfect! You and your team always do a great job, but the care and expertise demonstrated on my crown is deserving of an extra thank you from me. Have a great summer!

Best Hygienist Ever!!

Don't ever let Debbie go- pay her anything she wants to stay!

Only Office For Me!!

Back in the 1900s, I went to the same dental practice for years after I left the military and the only time I happily changed dentists is when Dr. Amy Trujillo(Williams at the time) worked on me when filling in for the dentist I normally saw. From that pivotal moment on, Dr. Trujillo was going to be my dentist. Dr. Trujillo has truly found her calling; I can't imagine her doing anything better, or anyone else doing what she does better. When she left that practice and started her own, I of course followed (so glad she didn't move out of the city or state, or I may have had to change home and possibly careers to follow her). I didn't know what a good, gentle and kindhearted dental care was until she worked on my problematic mouth. Her attitude and approach to patient care is pervasive throughout the Summit Dental Organization. Everyone in her office carries the same considerate and compassionate care that Dr. Trujillo demonstrates. I would never even consider going anywhere else to have my dental needs met. Thank you so much Penny, Chauna, Debbie and Dr. Trujillo.

The Only Dentist For Me!!

Dr. Williams Trujillo and her staff has done a great job in taking care of my family's dental needs for the past 14 years. The professionalism they display in providing their reassures me every time that we chose the right dentist. I highly recommend Dr. Williams Trujillo! My family's dental posture has improved greatly since going to her practice, over the years.If you need a dentist that is passionate about improving or maintaining your dental posture, you should make an appointment with Dr. Williams Trujillo today. Thank you Dr. Williams Trujillo and staff, for the great service you provide.

Great Group Of People!

Summit is the only dental experience one should ever have. Everyone is genuinely caring and really put me at ease. Thank you!!

Great Office!

"I would travel to the ends of the earth to see Dr. Amy as a patient. She was the only dentist that asked about my dental history, listened and cared. Dr. Amy took into account my previous dental experience and was conscientious when caring for me as a person and a patient. She is kind and gentle and has never made me feel uncomfortable. For 15 years she and her staff have not only cared about my oral health but they have journeyed with me during some very tough personal tragedies, Dr. Amy isn't just a great dentist, she is a compassionate and loving person who cares about you. Dr. Amy and her staff are always warm, welcoming, kind and even fun. I look forward to my bi-annual visits to their office-it's like visiting with friends." I'm truly grateful to Dr. Amy, Debbie, Chauna and Penny. They are all awesome!

Thank You To All of Our Wonderful Patients!

Thank You To All of Our Wonderful Patients!