Pediatric Dentistry

Many people wonder when is the best time to introduce their children to the dentist. At Summit Dental, we recommend that parents start bringing in their children by around age three. Unless your child has an issue before that time that might warrant a visit to the dentist, children at this age are old enough to sit for an examination and young enough to grow accustomed to the dentist so they do not develop fear of the dentist later in life. In addition, by seeing children at a young age, we can emphasize the preventive aspect of dentistry and reduce the chances of developing decay and infection with regular treatments.

Start your children on the path to lifelong good oral health by bringing them to Dr. Amy Trujillo. Our team is experienced in making sure your children are at ease with the dentist, setting the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health.

Preventive Care to Help Your Child Maintain a Healthy Smile

A healthy smile starts when children are very young, which is why it is so important for children to visit the dentist early on. As soon as their first teeth begin to emerge, we encourage parents to start brushing and flossing their children’s teeth. This ensures that children become comfortable with the process, setting the course for good dental habits to start early. Bringing children to the dentist by the age of three enables us to provide preventive care that will help ward off tooth decay and cavities, as well as any other oral health issues.

Pediatric Dentistry Solutions for Children

As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Amy Trujillo offers customized treatment options and solutions for our younger patients. We want to help your child stay cavity-free. In addition to treatment, we will help guide your child in taking care of his or her teeth and gums for life. In addition to regular teeth cleanings, Summit Dental offers fluoride treatments and sealants. It’s all part of our pediatric dentistry plan to start good habits early.

We also offer incentives for youngsters, such as contests for no cavities each quarter. Prizes are awarded to make participation fun for kids!

Patient Education Is Key

We value patient education at our practice, and we will take the time to make sure our youngest patients learn the essentials of keeping their teeth clean and healthy. Education is just as important for parents, particularly when it comes to dental issues for their children, including tooth decay from baby bottles, thumb sucking, and teeth grinding. Bad habits are best broken early on to set the course for good oral health later.

Compassionate Care for Our Young Patients

We understand that pediatric dentistry can cause anxiety or fear in both parents and their children. Our staff is trained to put both parents and children at ease with a caring, compassionate approach. We want to create a positive experience at the dentist so your child actually looks forward to his or her next visit.

Set the course for good dental health that lasts a lifetime by making an appointment with Dr. Amy Trujillo by the time your children reach the age of three.