Root Canals

It is probably one of the most feared phrases in the English language, and just hearing the term “root canal” often is enough to keep many people away from the dentist. But if you have persistent, throbbing tooth pain or a tooth that is extremely sensitive to either cold or heat, you should not ignore the discomfort. If you visit the dentist and learn that a root canal is necessary, you should be cheered by the fact that this means your tooth is likely to be saved.

You may also feel encouraged to know that root canals are designed to relieve the throbbing that brought you to the dentist in the first place. With today’s numbing gels and other anesthetic options, the procedure itself is not painful.

The root canal procedure cleans the interior of your tooth and eliminates the infection causing the pain. At Summit Dental, we can take care of your tooth pain and save your natural tooth.

Symptoms of an Infected Tooth

Most people are unaware of their infected tooth until they begin to experience severe tooth pain. A decayed tooth is often the culprit, with the pulp of the tooth infected and causing your pain. Chips or small cracks and fissures often create an opening for bacteria. If you end up having dental procedures in the same area over and over, this is another red flag that might indicate a problematic tooth.

The best thing to do if you are experiencing any of these issues is to come in for a comprehensive oral exam. Tooth pain of any kind is not normal!

Root Canal Treatment Can Prevent Tooth Loss

Don’t put off a trip to the dentist if you have pain in one or more of your teeth. A root canal treatment will remove the infection, putting a stop to your pain and restoring your oral health. The root canal procedure is a relatively simple one, and it can ensure that you do not lose a tooth. It will also prevent an infection from spreading to other teeth and causing even more damage.

With root canal therapy, Dr. Trujillo will remove the infected pulp of the tooth, then clean the canal system. Afterward, the area is sealed, filled, and capped with a crown. You will have no more pain, and the crown will restore your tooth’s natural function. There is minimal discomfort with the procedure itself, and people who undergo the procedure are generally pleasantly surprised at how quickly it goes.

Dr. Trujillo can perform a root canal as soon as infected tooth pulp is detected. Early treatment is essential for preventing damage to the infected tooth as well as the surrounding teeth. Dr. Trujillo will determine whether you might need a root canal during your oral exam.

End tooth pain before an infection spreads to other teeth.

Learn more about root canal treatment by scheduling your appointment with Summit Dental today!